Georgia is an ancient country located directly on the boundary between two continents: Europe and Asia. The country’s history is deep-rooted in the very beginnings of the recorded human past!
Nowadays Georgia offers a huge amount of historic sites for sightseeing, from earliest remains of Homo sapiens to masterpieces of Christian architecture. Thanks to its unique location – embedded between Black Sea and Caucasus Mountains – you will come across stunning variety of landscapes and climate zones within this small country. Every region of Georgia can surprise you with its own natural as well as cultural characteristics. Georgia is homeland to many different ethnic groups differentiating themselves even in their spoken language. Plenty of entertainment options are available here for travelers of any taste. If you are a nature lover, you can enjoy mountain trekking through nature reserves, mountain river rafting, hiking with horses and paragliding. If you prefer calm, you can try to find your inner peace in the quiet of Mother Nature among forests, lakes and mountains. If you love history and culture, an endless number of ancient churches, caves and cities is available for visiting. And if you would like to learn about Georgian cooking, delicious Georgian dishes and wines are offered at restaurants. You should really have a taste of Georgian wines, as Georgia is considered to be a birthplace of wine with its winemaking method inscribed on the UNESCO heritage list.
You can find all this in small and incredibly attractive Georgia!